What Is FEDC?


FEDC is a private, non-profit corporation that provides free and confidential assistance to current businesses looking to establish or expand in Freeport, Maine.  Simply stated, we pursue the economic development goals set by the Freeport community.  Our staff is dedicated to assisting entrepreneurs, business owners and residents in any way that fulfills our mission.

Our Mission: 

To partner with the community to promote sustainable economic growth that strengthens and diversifies the economic base and enhances the quality of life and unique character of Freeport.

Can We Help you?

Our services are client-directed, and will vary based on the needs of each individual project.   Here is a list of ways we’ve been able to assist in the past:

  • Conceptualizing, Drafting and Reviewing Business Plans
  • Locating Sites for New Business Location
  • Marketing Properties in Commercial and Industrial Zones
  • Acting as a Liaison and Advocate for Businesses in the Licensing and Permitting Processes
  • Providing Information on Freeport’s Design Review and Project Review Board Processes
  • Organizing Ribbon-cutting and Grand Opening Ceremonies
  • Collecting Economic and Demographic Data and Performing Analyses
  • Undertaking Strategic Economic Development Planning for the Community
  • Locating Low-Cost Financing for Businesses and Entrepreneurs
  • Serving as a Contact Point for Property Owners, Professional Site Locators and Realtors

(For more examples, visit our Testimonials page):