Vision 2025


“This document is intended to be used regularly to guide and prioritize the economic development initiatives of the community and FEDC.”
— Vision 2025


The VISION 2025 Plan [.pdf] is a strategic economic development plan for Freeport.  FEDC retained the services of Camoin Associates to take input from the community and conduct a thorough economic analysis of Freeport and the region.  Based on that preliminary work, Camoin produced a detailed strategy for pursuing optimal future economic growth.

The plan suggests multiple action items and specific strategies, each organized under four broader goals.  These goals are: (A) Diversify Freeport’s Economy and Employment Opportunities, (B) Enhance and Promote Freeport’s Quality of Life and Community-based Assets, (C) Promote Freeport as a Unique Outdoor Recreation Destination, and (D) Support Freeport’s Retail Base.  The plan also suggests potential collaborators with whom FEDC and the Town of Freeport might find partnership in pursuing any of the individual action items.

For more information:

  • A List of Vision 2025’s Goals and Action Items can be downloaded by clicking here: Vision 2025 Goals Summary [.pdf]
  • The Vision 2025 Report can be downloaded by clicking here:  VISION 2025 Plan [.pdf]
  •  Additional background documents, including notes from the public input session, Similar Community Case Studies, and Camoin Associates’ complete Economic, Demographic and Socioeconomic Analysis are in the Attachments, which can be downloaded by clicking here:  VISION 2025 Plan – Attachments [.pdf: 2.5 MB]