FEDC collects and analyzes data from a variety of sources to obtain a clear picture of the economic landscape impacting Freeport.  The following reports are available for download:


Vacancy Rate Report

  • Click here (.pdf, 276 kb) to download the most recent Vacancy Rate Report.  (Most recent report date:  May 10, 2016)

FEDC collects and maintains information about occupied and vacant commercial space in Freeport.  This report represents our best estimate on current vacancy rates, and changes in vacancy rates over time.

To get information on available commercial properties in town, or to view listings, please visit our Property page.


Retail Sales Reports

  • Click here (.pdf, 271 kb) to download our most recent Retail Sales Report.   (Most recent report date:  May 10, 2016)

The State of Maine Department of Revenue Services provides data on the total taxable retail sales in each municipality and county in Maine.  FEDC obtains this data from MRS and analyzes it, presenting a picture of the performance of the retail sector in Freeport as compared to the county and the state.


 Business Activity Report

  •  Click here to download the most recent Business Activity Report.

As a busy commercial hub for Maine, Freeport has continuous business activity.  FEDC tracks openings, closings, expansions and commercial real estate transactions and compiles them in this report.  The Business Activity Report also includes estimates of total annual tourists and visitors to Freeport, which is provided annually by the Maine Dept. of Tourism and by Freeport USA.