Things You Didn’t Know About Freeport: We See Movies for Free

Keith McBride on September 15, 2016 in Lesser Known Freeport Facts

There are a number of interesting factoids about our small but popular town.  You already know that Freeport is the home of L.L. Bean, and you may also know we have our very own Desert.  But I want to focus on some of Freeport’s lesser-known features.  While these are not well-known, I don’t think I’m telling any secrets that can’t be shared.  So, with that in mind, I may make this a regular feature on this blog.

And I’ll begin with this one:

Freeport residents get to see movies for free.

If you haven’t been to the Nordica Theatre in Freeport, you’re really missing out.  First, there is free, covered parking available year-round at Freeport Village Station, which is especially GREAT in the winter.  Second, the theaters are state-of-the art and the seats are ridiculously comfortable.  Third, they carry all the latest releases, blockbusters and everything else that you really want to see.

Part of the agreement between the town, the Freeport Village Station developer, and the Nordica Theater provides that as a public service, the theater must have a “Free Movie Day” for Freeport residents twice a year.

And with that in mind, Wednesday, OCTOBER 5, 2016, will be the next Free Movie Day at Nordica.  If you’re a Freeport resident (with I.D., please) you can see any movie for free.   Good deal!