July, 2014


As If We Needed One More Voice Feeding the Fallacy.

Keith McBride on July 28, 2014 in Macroeconomics, Practicing Ec. Dev.

I am a big fan of Aaron Renn.  I’ve been a subscriber to his Urbanophile blog for about 3 years.  When it comes to urban planning innovations, smart and sustainable urban land-use, and cityscape design, he’s brilliant. But this article, published in Governing, is such a disappointment. The theme of the…


Economic Development & Professional Responsibility

Keith McBride on July 02, 2014 in Professionalism/Ethics

I’m going to open this with a blanket statement: Ethics and professionalism must be top priority for any economic developer at all times and on every project. The nature economic development means that there will always be at least some degree of suspicion, because that’s the nature of society when…